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HubSpot Website Redesign Generates 62% Increase In Closed-Won Revenue in 7 Months


PaydayHCM is an HR benefit and payroll company that keeps human-to-human relationships at the core of everything they do.

And they don't just pay lip service to the idea. PaydayHCM makes it a point to know their member's names when their kids got braces taken off or when that family vacation is coming up.

This unique, personalized approach to doing business is what separates them from your run-of-the-mill benefit providers who may seek to increase automation but aren't as focused on personalization.

The challenge presented to Revenue River was how to get PaydayHCM's digital presence to reflect their personalized, modern, forward-thinking approach.

Increase Closed-Won Revenue
Increase Click-Through Rate
Improve Visitor Experience
old homepage fold

PaydayHCM’s old website had an outdated user experience and design that focused more on themselves than the user. Reversing that focus on the website became a top business priority.

In the new version of the website, they were looking to:

  • Align their website with their business objectives, vision, and mission
  • Increase leads and generate revenue
  • Intensely focus on their end-users
  • Streamline the user experience
  • Reduce the number of clicks to navigate the site down from 21 in each service page's header
  • Clarify their service offerings
  • Balance attracting and engaging prospects with delighting existing customers
These objectives aligned seamlessly with a website strategy that is user-focused and high-performing, and Revenue River was up for the task.
Old website navigation menu

Our old website wasn't doing anything for us. Our site didn't convey who we were and it wasn't working for us in driving new business. Users were confused and usually ended up just calling us because they couldn't get what they wanted from the website. 


Stanford President & Benefits Director


Stanford President & Benefits Director

An outdated layout can hurt your conversion rates, especially on service pages.

It's crucial to get your services pages right so your prospects can evaluate whether you're a good fit solution for their challenges.

The old site used a dated 3/4 - 1/4 layout with a sidebar on every page that resulted in a ton of wasted real estate and walls of text.

There were conversion points that led to the contact page, but users could easily find themselves routed to events that had already passed.

Conversion points didn't consistently align with the content on the page, and some pages didn't have any at all. 



A successful end-user website should align with the inbound strategy, defined as a "method of growing your organization by building meaningful, lasting relationships with consumers, prospects, and customers."

Websites should reflect excellence in all inbound flywheel areas: attract, engage, and delight. 

Content is crucial to making a connection at each stage, from drawing in the right people with valuable content, sharing insights and solutions that align with prospects' challenges, and providing help and support to empower customers.

Throughout the site, the poor design and user experience limited the PaydayHCM team's ability to create content that connected with the users, even if the information was all there. In addition to the services pages, important areas like the resource center were cluttered, crowded, and confusing.

(Click to enlarge if you're really into reading novels on a computer screen)


The solution was a cleanly-designed, user-focused, flywheel-friendly website.

Revenue River and PaydayHCM went through a complete website redesign strategy.

Here are the high-level steps we took to ensure success:

1. Evaluate current traffic and analytics to determine high-interest content

2. Compare website analytics to prospect and member data

3. Organize resources around the needs of employees and employers

4. Re-think website navigation and conversions to align with users' customer journeys

We determined it was critical to provide quick and easy access for existing members to log in to their portal and find their desired content.

We also knew that easy access to resources for employees and employers through links, forms downloads, and other media would align better with an inbound approach.

Finally, we wanted to ensure that both prospects and existing customers could have a great website experience. This would require us to emphasize the unique value propositions and information relevant to each visitor type and create appropriate strategic conversion points, with room for an ongoing optimization strategy.

We are so happy with our new site. Being able to leverage HubSpot to easily build out new pages has made life so much easier for our marketing team. Everyone loves the new design and we're able to support new clients and existing employee/employers seamlessly.

Kristin Munson

Communications Director PaydayHCM
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The result was a clean and modern website design that leveraged more imagery and white space in order to better present the content in a storylike fashion.

In 2021 PaydayHCM is already seeing exponential success with a record month in February and almost double the revenue in March year over year.

In total, they saw a 62% increase in closed-won revenue in just 7 months at $621,110.42 as opposed to $383,319.96 in the first part of 2020 before launching the new site. 

It was clear to PaydayHCM that the new website strategy helped them to better service prospects and customers.

The final website strategy incorporates:

  • Streamlined user experience
  • Consolidated navigation menu
  • Updated go to market messaging
  • Beautiful new user interface
  • Robust resources hub
  • Conversion path optimization
  • Easy login for existing users
  • Empowered marketing team

The new service pages more effectively present the value of PaydayHCM to the end-user, providing them with relevant context and crisp, easy-to-read content.

We gave the user control of their journey through easy-to-identify anchor links. This resulted in higher click-through rates across the board. 

The new site also has strategically placed offers such as their compliance audit, brochures, and blog subscriptions. We leveraged HubSpot to gain more visibility around these conversion options and discovered this resulted in greater time on page for new users.

New Payroll Page
Bottom-line results that matter!

Although the HR and Benefits industry can be cyclical, PaydayHCM has seen some tremendous results since the launch of the new site in late August of 2020.

After launch, they saw an immediate increase in closed-won revenue, with September being the top overall month of the year. Through the remainder of 2020, they saw consistently higher average monthly revenue.

Ultimately, this momentum carried forward with a 62% increase in closed-won revenue in 7 months since launching the site.

PaydayHCM now has a website that:

  • Aligns with their objectives and values
  • Drives revenue
  • Has a higher click-through rate
  • Has greater time on page for key pages

With this new site in place, they can focus on what they do best: creating meaningful human-to-human experiences.

closed won

These bottom-line results show that focusing on the customer pays off.

Continuing the relationship

With a firm foundation in place, PaydayHCM team members can easily manage their site and come back to Revenue River for ongoing support to continuously improve the website.

We continue to support them by helping to make their service offerings better. We are now developing a set of custom modules for an internal training resources library that allows users to filter by format.

PaydayHCM and Revenue River's relationship has been a fantastic experience and continues to yield new opportunities to support one another. We couldn't be happier to support such a company with great people and a great mission.

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