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Financial Analytics Firm Reinvents Their Client Experience and Increases Upsell Opportunities


East Daley Analytics is a financial analysis company that focuses on the midstream and energy sectors. Their products consist of various financial analysis, reports, videos and other resources that clients can purchase to help make informed investment decisions.

Whether an investor is looking to invest in a particular niche of the energy industry, or a data analyst evaluating the risk of a publicly traded company, East Daley provides the insight and analysis that helps clients reduce risk and capitalize on market opportunities. 

East Daley came to Revenue River with a need to modernize their existing infrastructure and redesign their website to demonstrate the level of expertise they bring Additionally, they needed the overall user experience optimized to showcas their entire product offering and provide upsell opportunities for their sales team to affect their bottom line. The primary unique factor in this project is that East Daley had both a public facing website built on WordPress, as well as a gated client portal built on .net which leveraged FTP to deliver the analysis products clients had purchased. The user experience for their clients was dated and inefficient. The management of the products from a business perspective was cumbersome and not user friendly. Additionally it was totally siloed from their marketing initiatives and presented a disconnected experience all around.

Enterprise Financial Analytics Firm
Provides Tailored Energy Sector Financial Data
Through a Dynamic Customer Portal
Old homepage
Old Member Portal

Our recommendation was to consolidate everything into a HubSpot CMS Enterprise HUB, abandon the separate website and portal, and build everything into one seamless system that was driven by HubDB and HubSpot’s membership functionality. Our approach was as follows:

  • We'll leverage HubSpot's Enterprise CMS and HubDB database structure to house all portal assets
  • We'll completely re-invent the website user experience, modernizing the interface with dynamic conversion paths​
  • We'll integrate the member portal with the CRM to manage access to products at a contact and company level
  • We'll leverage Algolia to empower the deep search capabilities inside documents
  • We'll onboard the HubSpot platform and train the team on how to use it while we complete the site

We took on the complex task of migrating an outdated, FTP driven customer portal. Through strategic redesign and CX focused development, we were able to provide a much more aesthetic and user friendly platform that monetized the portal for client upsell and expansion opportunities. 

Mike Del Cuore

Directory of Strategy & Design Revenue River

Mike Del Cuore

Directory of Strategy & Design Revenue River
Mike Del Cuore headshot

Through this approach we could leverage the power of HubSpot to streamline their marketing efforts by providing completely trackable conversion paths, and full visibility into both website and portal analytics. Additionally, we were able to monetize the site more by presenting “out of subscription” products with easy to upgrade opportunities.

capital markets products
upgrade pop up window

One major pain point East Daley expressed early on, was that their clients typically only purchased one product and didn't know about the other offerings that were relevant to them. Our approach to upsell opportunities allowed us to showcase the breadth of information East Daley had to clients that might not know about the additional products. By leveraging custom forms with hidden fields that pulled in the product dynamically, we were able to empower sales to handle upgrades and new account requests much easier than the old system. 

Additionally, we were able to structure a database that housed all products organized by type. This allowed us to control all products in a central location, tag them accordingly, and bulk edit through a CSV import/export functionality. Long gone are the days of deployments and updates that plagued their old system.

Products DB

In order to give total control over which clients have access to which products, we established a “members” list in side HubSpot. All existing clients were added to this list. Then at the company record level in the CRM, each company had their subscription products tagged as contact properties. 

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This allowed us to control which products a user could access all by managing their company record in the CRM. The HubDB table leverages the same tags for the individual products. So if a user's contact record had a particular product available (in the example to the right TDN, Daley Insights, etc) then the tagging system in HubDB would allow the user to download that file.

Alternatively, if a user's company record did not have access to that particular product, we were able to “fade out” the item dynamically inside the portal and on the website. This indicated to the user that this product was not part of their subscription. Upon click, they would be prompted with an upgrade form that was connected directly to Sales. 


Working with the Enterprise CMS Hub allowed us to leverage all of the advanced features the new site required. From a gated membership portal, to product management, the CMS allowed us to present an elegant looking site, that was easily managed through the CRM and custom contact properties which reduce the amount of on page editing needed by the East Daley team. 

Rob Vrzal

Web Strategist Revenue River

Rob Vrzal

Web Strategist Revenue River
Rob Vrzal - Web Strategist

The result was a beautiful new site that drove upsells and provided East Daley clients with a much easier to use interface that highlighted their products better than before!

Professional service companies don’t have to have a stale, boring site. It is possible to have a great looking site that also serves as your most effective sales rep.

With the new website, we were able to better position their service offering and expand visibility into the new area of renewable energy on the site. By moving into the CMS and developing the site in HubSpot Themes, we were able to greatly increase the usability of their content management and empower their team to be able to manage the site, build new pages for various marketing initiatives and to streamline content updating with dynamic feeds that reduce the need for manual updating. 

new homepage

Often times when thinking about a website redesign, the focus is on the aesthetic and visual appeal of the site. However, as we saw with East Daley, there is tons of opportunity to serve business goals and streamline processes. With any website project, all stakeholders from users, clients, marketing and sales teams need to be considered. If you're not making life easier for your internal team as well as your clients and prospects, you're missing out on additional ROI that is possible with every website project. 

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