Why Video Production Is STILL Important

Why video product is still important

There are two clear ways that agencies approach the implementation of video in their service offerings and marketing plan. Those ways are video production and video marketing. You may be thinking to yourself, "what is the difference?" Which is the reason I'm diving into this topic a little deeper in this article.

Video Production vs. Video Marketing

Video production focuses mainly on the execution from scripting through post-production. Video marketing encompasses all of that plus strategizing the topic to connect the strategy of the video with the campaign. It also includes, handing-off a playbook for publishing and optimizing the video so that it can truly help to hit organizational goals. 

Video marketing is incredibly important in all phases of an organization's growth strategy and in many applications video production is not the main focus, it's simply the message that is the main focus. Low-level production videos can be successful pieces in your content arsenal. However, when it comes to creating engaging brand videos, case studies, product explainers, and many other types of sales support videos, the production quality is still very important. 

Low-Level Production Videos

Let's take a step back here for a moment. Low-level production videos will always have a place in your video arsenal. These videos are super helpful for your sales team and in some cases educating your customers. The best example of valuable low-level production videos can be found in GoVideo videos. These are short organic videos that we use when reaching out to prospects or clients as an alternative form of communication. Instead of sending the traditional email or phone call you can add a short, off-the-cuff video to the email in order to drive more engagement for important conversations.  

Here are some examples and a few other examples of low-level production videos; 

  • social videos
  • tutorials
  • webinars

  • announcements
  • testimonials
  • GoVideo Touches


go video


on the fly

High-Level Production Videos

As stated before, these videos can be very effective and valuable. However, there is no need for a high-level of post-production for them to work. When we are talking about high-level production videos we are focusing on the types of videos that you need to have some deeper execution in production and post-production in order for them to be truly valuable and effective. This includes any situation that you need to add motion graphics, custom animations, chyrons, iconography, text callouts, broll, etc. The reason why production is important to make these types of videos valuable is that the production and post-production execution is the key to the video being engaging and truly telling the story that needs to be told. Many of these videos will need to have additional detail on the screen like stats and quotes that help connect the viewer to the message even more. 

Here are some examples of high-level production videos;

  • case studies
  • product explainers
  • company hero films
  • brand videos
  • promotional videos
  • emotional/ inspirational films
  • product launches
  • product demos

explainer video

product explainer

custom animation

hero video

Why This Is Important

The most important lesson to learn from this is to not stay one dimensional when it comes to creating video content. You can create videos the will touch on every aspect of your marketing and sales strategy. Diversifying your content is the best way to reach a  wider range of customers and find your key buyers in different places and what works in one space may not work in another. Always test different types of content and see what works best for that particular subject or audience. 


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